Tantra massages


The lingam massage means a massaging technique of the mens in the Tantra, which evokes pleasures of so high that a man has not ever dared to dream of. Unique massaging of the testicles, where the male is able to relax and to satisfy, while he can learn how to control his body, in order to make love to her partner in a way which is long and incredible.


The yoni massage is often named as the lord of massages, as it deals with the most intimate part of a woman: during none of other massages do the women unfold their personal and vulnerable face. The massage offers - without pressure of efficiency - the opportunity of revelation and scour of our own sexuality. The aim is not to reach orgasm, however the experiencing of the joyful way to it, will be more intensive and an experience which escalates the whole body.


The tantra massage is a special way of pleasure, which is an unforgettable experience for you and for your partner as well. This method is suitable for dissolving blocks and with its help a deeper level of relaxation can be achieved. The massage awakens your energy. During the tantric massage you can lie side by side int he same massage room. Mental preparation is important for the common journey, because this is an intimate and confidential common experience,. Recommended for those who want to strenghten or stimulate their relationship and love, or those who would like to fill up in each other's company.

Additionals for tantra massages


Gentle and teasing massage type, where the masseuse massages with her whole body. Using the oiled parts of the body, she makes soft, stroking, circular and slipping moves. Both the contact and vision of the bodies provide an unforgettable experience for the massaged.


The prostate is called P-point or male G-spot as well. During its massage, men feel similar pleasure like women during the stimulation of the G-spot. With the help of a professional prostate massage the secret door of the men.

Refreshing and relaxing massages


The Swedish massage is the most widely spread western type of massages. The masseuse refreshes the body parts with stroking, rubbing, vibrating and kneading moves. The physical and neurohormonal effects help to cure from possible illnesses. During this massage, in order to enhance blood circulation and digestion.


Thai massage is a system of massage and manipulation developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as by yoga. The claimed benefits of Thai massage are many, including relief from multiple ailments ranging from asthma and migraines to sprains, bruises, and anxiety. Further benefits include the relief of physical and emotional tension, ameliorated sleep, improved flexibility, a greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy.


The Yumeiho is a massage type, which based on chinese and japanese therapies. The massage is based on pushing and kneading massagegripes, acupressure and it mobilizing the mended joints. It is done on the ground (on a mat), in a light and thin dress, and always personalised to the given patient. The basis of Yumeiho massage is the simmetry theory. The basis of the therapy is the settling of the basin and the spine next to each other. In Hungary, the Yumeiho therapy is under trademark register, so the use of it has to be permitted. Who has no permission, can not practice this activity..